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Although actually more focused on African myth and lore rather than African American contributions to civilization, this deck is a wonderful introduction to both explorations as well as being close enough to the RWS tradition as to be useful as a divination tool for any Tarot reader. Great for those interested in African culture and pride, as well as for meditation and past life regressions.

In-Depth Review:

This deck is terrific, a wonderful resource to begin learning about African culture and history. Each card has an image from African traditional religions, myths, or history. The gods, goddesses and myths illustrated on the cards are taken from cultures all over Africa. The associations with African Americans are shown in smaller line drawing on the cards. For example, the 9 of Swords shows Uhlakanyana, a “dwarf demon sworn enemy of mankind” (from south African lore). It shows him from behind, standing on a hill with swords raised in each hand (The RWS shows a woman sitting up in bed, her head in her hands, as if crying in despair). The divinatory meaning, according to the LWB is “nightmare, terror, looming danger. Desperation, remorse,” which is similar to Waite’s meanings, “Death, failure, miscarriage, delay, deception, disappointment, despair.” The added image in the upper right corner shows a scene from the life of Garett Morgan (1877-1963) who invented a precursor to gas masks, a type of hood that is credited with saving the lives of workers under Lake Erie in 1916 in a tunnel filled with poisonous gas fumes after an explosion. He also invented the traffic signal.

This deck is close enough to the RWS to be used by anyone for divination. The Hanged Man departs the most from the RWS, showing a sitting, blindfolded man under a sky full of eyeballs. The LWB calls this “The Observer,” revealing that this is an initiation ritual, including such divination meanings as self-sacrifice, dedication, and mysticism, matching Waite’s ideas.

This deck is superb for general divinations, meditation and past life regression to Africa and ideal if you are fascinated by African culture, this would be a great deck to use. If would also be good for professional Tarot readers with clients who are deeply interested in Africa and valuable to help guide people in learning more about African myth and legend as well as the many contributions in all areas of human endeavor that have been made by African Americans.

With knowledge comes understanding; with understanding comes tolerance. Using this deck to begin a study of Africa and African-American contributions may help lessen racism, and that may be this deck’s greatest gift.

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  1. shantellet

    I love that these cards are light weight. I love the quality of the pictures. I love these cards very good for connecting to your ancestors and recieving guidance. The one thing that I wish was better was the booklet that comes with it. It can be very confusing trying to decipher the tiny symbols on the card that represents major/minor arcana.; Especially if your a newbie.


  2. Kindle Customer

    The cards are wonderful and beautiful. Really can’t wait to use them. Felt an immediate bond with the cards as soon as I opened and touched them..Thank you

    Kindle Customer

  3. Amazon Customer

    These cards are beautiful and have nice spiritual energy. Hint: Meditate with the cards and study the African deities to gain better accuracy with your reading.

    Amazon Customer

  4. mscmalone

      I reaaaaalllllly love these cards. I have about 3 others and I’m a beginner. Comes with 4 diffrent languages in the book. That’s a plus. It also names deities and african americans throughout our history. I feel very connected to these cards. I hope you guys create an oracle deck. I love it. ❤❤❤


  5. Kindle Customer

    Very impressive and can’t wait to use them! As soon as I looked through them I had an instant connection in heart and mind! Thanks for creating an African oriented Tarot deck, it is most welcoming!

    Kindle Customer

  6. catherine jagger

    Lo Scarabeo did this deck justice. Read the little white book as it has wonderful information within. This deck is well crafted, has a nice feel and shuffles well. The imagery is amazing. I was surprised at its beauty. Well crafted and easy to read as it is based on RWS. Great Deck at an affordable price.

    catherine jagger

  7. Leany

    This is a beautiful deck, quaility cards. They are thin, but not cheap thin. The artwork is beautiful. A very unique deck.


  8. I.A.

    I love these cards. They are smooth with a matte finish. They slide across fast which I like bc I like random jumpers. They’re not thick but they’re not flimsy either. They take you back to Africa and history in Black America on the same card. They are very creative illustrations and gets your imagination going. I was elated to see a deck with all Black illustrations.You will have to refer to the book to look at some of the meanings or just use your own interpretation.


  9. helloTexas

    I love this African tarot deck!! The pictures are different than most decks I have. I adore the African element to this tarot and I consider it one of my favorite and most eclectic.


  10. VillainousBallerina

    My first deck was the Rider Waite and I hated it. I simply couldn’t resonate with the deck. The imagery doesn’t paint the picture I need, didn’t care for holding it, and was bored with it. I gave the deck away after holding someone else’s older African-American tarot deck.This one is amazing. I love that it doesn’t have the white borders and gives you a larger view. The images tells a story alone that resonates with aspects of the cards’ general concept. You do have to do your research on what is provided in the booklet…as you should be for any deck. My ancestors love this deck. They communicate well through this deck. Definitely worthy of purchasing.


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